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Changzhou city haili tools co.,ltd locate Chinese .the state west summer shu a high new technique a development area often,the north faces Yangtze River,the south depends city sail The Grand Canal,Be apart from rather the superhighway 3 kms,the transportation communication is very convenient.

Our Company mainly products the whole and hard quality metal alloy,auger,xian knife,the ball head xian knife,jiao knife,drill jiao knife,,tang knife,bore to process knife to have,often The rules can turn a xian razor blade,sign xian knife,jao knife……



Corporate philosophy
Development concept (corporate spirit)
Innovation and pragmatic transcendence of self - pursuit of excellence Haili tools to innovation as the basis for the development of enterprises, not only technological innovation, in the product…
Technology concept
Change one step ahead Haili tool of the technological innovation as the source of enterprise on the upgrade, transcend power. Company will…
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